Bulk SMS Company in Odisha

Bulk SMS Company in Odisha

Swadhin IT Solutions is the Bulk SMS Company in Odisha. The company has expanded its reach in online services to help firms, individuals or companies in India to spread the word by choosing the appropriate medium of communication.

In the past, businesses and individuals had limited communication tools such as letters or people spreading the word through newspapers. Nowadays , there are a lot of electronics (Telecom/Internet and others.) and paper-based (Newspaper/Magazines and so on.) media of communication. In addition, considering India where the majority of people have been transformed by the mobile craze. The most widely used medium that communicates is Mobile. This is why the significance of this method of communication is growing exponentially.

In mobile, communications can be transmitted through Bulk SMS medium , the Voice call as well as Internet medium (MMS or another Internet related). Swadhin IT Solutions  offers all three types that are used for Mobile communication. The three modes, Bulk SMS Service is the most popular due to its exceptional features.

Swadhin IT Solutions is the  Bulk SMS Company in Odisha. Bulk SMS comes in two types: 1) One-way SMS and 2.) Two-way SMS. Other than Bulk SMS service, additional specific services offered by SMS Idea include Voice Call Service, Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) service, Bulk Email Service Database (Required for targeted marketing) Two way solutions (Long code service and short code services) and e-Fax services.

Swadhin IT Solutions  has an in-house development team dedicated to creating the most user-friendly and technically robust platform that clients can utilize. Additionally, its support team is prepared to respond to customer concerns 24 hours a day so that the customer gets the highest quality service and support. We do not consider competition from outside however we do look at our successes to set new standards.

With a wide range of corporate clients across a variety of sectors, we believe we can provide the  communication channel to help clients save effort and time (In short money) and can invest the same time to earn more.


We are committed to providing seamless, virtual and creative Communication Solutions strengthening the business communications and processes, leading to more efficiency.


We are always striving to provide the , most comprehensive, economical and up-to-date Business Telephony Solutions catering to specific requirements of various companies and professionals.

Swadhin IT Solutions is a well-known Bulk SMS service provider Odisha provides specially designed Bulk SMS services Odisha and an extremely reliable Bulk SMS Gateway Odisha. We have revolutionized the marketing of SMS Odisha and, as the leader of this dazzling advancement in the field of SMS marketing. We make sure that our clients receive their messages for the lowest cost for bulk SMS.

SMS marketing India was not embraced by the masses prior to the rise of mass SMS. However, finding an SMS service provider in India and an SMS-friendly package for SMS remains very difficult.

If you’re in search of an Online SMS Gateway Odisha then you should get in touch with Swadhin IT Solutions  right away. We are a top Bulk SMS provider in Odisha and through our exceptional customer support, we’ve achieved the confidence of our clients. We are the top SMS Gateway provider in Odisha and we provide the most efficient quantity SMS as well as large SMS reseller services at the lowest cost.

At Swadhin IT Solutions  We’re proud to be able to claim ourselves as the top SMS service provider across the nation. In India there are hundreds of SMS companies, but the main question is, are they reputable? How do they perform their online Bulk  SMS Provider  in Odisha? However, you don’t have to fret about the pieces because you can simply turn to Us, the top and reliable Bulk SMS  service provider in Odisha and enjoy the premium services you’re entitled to.

We also ensure that you will not encounter any issues in creating an effective marketing plan for bulk SMS. This is why, starting with “how you can send mass SMS” to the method of attracting your customers with your messages We provide complete instructions at every step.