Bulk SMS provider in Bhubaneswar

Swadhin IT Solutions (SITS) is a leading Bulk SMS gateway provider of personalized and customized Bulk SMS solutions, with direct connectivity to major telecom operators. We deliver bulk SMS  to over 25 districts leveraging all the networks across Odisha which makes us the best Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar and also Customized Bulk SMS Gateway Provider.

Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar

Bulk SMS Service provider

Bulk SMS Provider in Bhubaneswar

Powerful & Open Platform

Our powerful technology platform can handle all your business needs, and our APIs integrate seamlessly with all your applications. This makes us One of the Best Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar and Customized Bulk SMS Gateway Provider.

Assured Quality & Support

Being one of the finest Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar and Customized Bulk SMS Gateway Provider, we back our technology platform with a dedicated group of customer support specialists to assist you with any issues. We leverage our technology platform & connectivity with telecom operators to enable SMS delivery to all over Odisha.

Group Messaging

As the best Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar and Customized Bulk SMS Gateway Provider we let our clients Send a generic message to all recipients or custom message to each recipient based on a template. With our scalable and robust interface, you can send thousands of SMS messages per second based on your business needs. Schedule messages to go at a particular date & time, or set up recurring campaigns. The reference here is about Reminder SMS, which we feel is a subset of this info… can we change the context?

Custom Sender ID

This is the name or number which flashes on the recipient’s mobile phone when they receive an SMS Text message. Most GSM Networks/Operators accept up to an 8-character Alpha-Numeric String as Sender Identification. This is what makes us one of the best Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar and Customized Bulk SMS Gateway Provider.

API Integration

An Application Programming Interface (SMS APIs) is one way to connect to SMSCountry’s Core Messaging Platform. SMS API provides an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your website/application, facilitating auto-generated SMS Text messages to be delivered to the intended recipients mobile phones. This method does not require Swadhin IT Solutions’ Software Platform at your Enterprise/Data Center site. Once again this feature of our services makes us one of the best Bulk SMS Service provider Bhubaneswar and also Customized Bulk SMS Gateway Provider.

SMS On the Go

Now, with our unique Mobile2Many feature, you can easily send bulk SMS to contacts in your Phonebook from your mobile handset. The mobile2many feature enables you to send SMS to your Phonebook contacts without the need to visit our website.

This is especially useful for persons/businesses who:

  • Are on the move but need to send out an alert/news to their Clients/Customers.
  • Are not connected to or do not have access to the internet.
  • Save on the costs of sending bulk SMS from their mobile phone, particularly when on roaming.

Two Way SMS

Being the Best Bulk SMS provider Bhubaneswar, we offer you a Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS, besides sending SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. You can modify/alter or delete these received messages as per your need.

This facility is available to all our users registered with us. The Two-way SMS feature works using a ‘Keyword’ as an identifier of your messages. The Keyword can be up to 4 characters. You can specify keywords (such as the abbreviated form of your “Nick Name”, “BrandName” or “CompanyName”)

SMS Software

Are you looking for a tool that

  • Saves the time and cost you spend logging into the website
  • Allows you send to GROUP SMS to your friends, employees.
  • Gives you the flexibility to send BULK SMS in just a single click
  • Easily operated right from your desktop.

Then, SITS Desktop SMS Software is the right solution to all your needs.

SITS Desktop SMS Software is a comprehensive and powerful desktop tool that enables you to send out SMS from your computer to mobile phones across the world. You can send messages from the comfort of your desktop window, all at the click of a button.

Some of the excellent features of our Desktop SMS software –

  • It allows sending SMS in your own language like Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Greek, Russian, Hindi, Tamil etc using your language keyboard or conversion software.
  • Our SMS-Excel Plug-in functionality is included in this software. You can upload MS Excel Spreadsheets and simply send personally customized SMS Text messages to all your customers. It also has a Phonebook facility to store all your contacts. You can also upload a Text file [notepad] having details of your contacts into your Phonebook.
  • It offers complete Management Information System (MIS) including Instantaneous Delivery Reports.
  • You can send messages with your Brand Name or your own Sender Id.
  • A simple and very user-friendly software and can be operated without the help of any technical person.
  • No need to connect to the Internet always, only during the time of sending the SMS Text messages. So, you can save a lot on your internet costs.

Email 2 SMS

With SITS’s “Email2SMS”, you can easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your mail account. This feature allows you to send Bulk SMS from any E-mail Client/Application to any mobile phone across the globe. So, you need not always logon to your SITS account or stay connected to the internet for sending SMS. This feature can be used for:

  • Sending Error/System Alerts automatically to a group of numbers, whenever an event occurs (Server error/ down alert for Systems Engineers, ISPs etc). (To know how to look at SMTP API)
  • Users who do not have a direct internet connection but are connected to a mail server (like Outlook), which is connected to the Internet.
  • Send messages/ job details to colleagues, field-based engineers and support staff, which is away from the office (field force, agents, retailers etc).
  • Share the latest information/ appointment reminders with clients and partners

Delivery Reports

SITS offers instantaneous and dynamic delivery reports (also known as CDRs) to let you know the status of the SMS Text messages you have sent out, in a very easily understandable format. In addition, you can also download the reports into a Microsoft Excel worksheet for greater analysis. This facility is available to all users irrespective of the tool they are using, including the ones using SMSCountry API tools.