Online Examination/ Test

Online Examination / Test

Online exam is taking an examination online to assess the level of skills of the test takers on the subject of their choice. Through online exams, students are able to take the test online in their own time, using their own devices whatever location they reside.

What is the procedure for online examinations conducted?

In online tests, candidates must answer the questions within a predetermined time frame. The test window is slashed after the exam has ended and the institutes receive live reports. Examiners evaluate the answers and assign grades accordingly. The outcome of online tests is then communicated to candidates via email or on the website.

Advantages and disadvantages of online examination

  • Issue with connectivity: Since the test is conducted online and requires an internet connection that is reliable.
  • The ability to be comfortable: Not everyone is able to adjust to the online examination environment , physically or mentally.
  • Techniques to cheat:

What are the advantages of an online exam?

Flexibility to Take Exams Anywhere

Remote invigilation or online proctoring, offers candidates the option of sitting an exam that is secure and monitored in the comfort at home and makes it less stressful and can save time and money travelling to a testing centre.

Online examinations are conducted as an examination online to test the understanding of participants about the subject of their choice. In the past everyone had to be in a classroom simultaneously to take a test. Today, with online exams, students can take the test online at their own time and on their own devices whatever location they reside. All you need is access to a web browser and an internet connection.

Educational institutions have developed through the years thanks to advances in technology.

Smart class rooms as well as Learning Management Systems (LMS) make it easier for teachers to run engaging learning sessions, record the students' understanding and develop progress reports.

These advances help students to master their skills and also for teachers to evaluate students without much effort and in a shorter amount of time.

Online exams are performed on web-connected devices such as notebooks or desktops. These tests or exams help to assess the accuracy of the knowledge of a student in many topics.

The major benefit of this test system is that it is able to run tests that are paper-free and also provide immediate test results.

Online examination process

Educational institutions or recruiters can easily schedule tests using online testing platforms. There are numerous possibilities to choose from and most often, one test can be used in conjunction with other tests for an instant evaluation of various aspects.

Experts in the subject matter compose the test questions and the majority of online exam platforms offer auto-evaluation capabilities for quick result generation.

What's an online exam system ?

An online exam technique is a test that uses a computer system that is able to administer tests that are computer based. . The examination system requires less resources and eliminates the need for paper and answer scripts, scheduling exam rooms and arranging invigilators, as well as coordinating with examiners and others.

How does the online testing system work?

All processes that are involved in an examination that is paper-based are now digital by online testing systems. Starting from assessment of student learning and assessment of entry-level candidates through campus placements, all of the processes can be conducted online.

Online test software and solution for examinations

You can select from a variety of types of questions to help make the selection process simple and straightforward. You can also build an answer bank and assign randomly-chosen questions to candidates of different backgrounds.

It significantly reduces the risk of mistakes that can be caused by leaks of exam papers. After you have completed your questions for the exam, you are able to upload the answers online to your pupils on the day before the test.

Students just need to click the link, fill in their basic information, and then take the test. Because the majority of answers can be evaluated automatically within minutes, students will receive the results of their test in a very short amount of time.

Processing of applications results, exam scheduling and processing:

  • It allows application filling and submission from any time and at any place.
  • Scheduling is simple with MeritTrac's content management for exams. It also offers exam preparation services such as the identification of the centre and also certification.
  • MeritTrac's feature processing for results allows for automatic grading and instant scoring. This will drastically reduce the amount of time and effort required to combine scores, to create the rank list, and upload scores from e-score cards.