School Mangement System

School Management System

A school management program is a program specifically designed to control and reduce the day-to-day administrative and administrative tasks that schools face. School management software allows schools to manage every day activities, such as daily school attendance, management of timetables etc. through a single, central platform.

Every school across the globe requires some kind of School Management System or, as it is known, the School Management Software. Many schools have had some form of system, but because of the limitations in capabilities, experience with the product or issues with customer service, they are forced to look for better alternatives. Benefits to Management

A dynamic system that provides an eye-to-eye view of reports and data can provide the next level of efficiency and speed in making decisions for the managers or principals. Teachers and staff are eligible for benefits.

The ability to track significant activities to the system lessens the burden and speeds up the efficiency of communication. Maintaining records of data and having access to data as needed simplifies their lives

Access to the internet and mobile app of the school system make life for parents and students simple. Accessing all important details on the dashboard of an app enhances overall connectivity with the school. This improves learning outcomes for students. Learning resources accessible via the app and the system allows students to study at any time and anywhere at their individual pace.

Key Features for Management
  • Management Dashboard
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Admission tracking and inquiry
  • Tracking of student profiles for parents' meetings / key inputs
  • Performance tracking by class
  • Analysis of the activity of teachers
  • Tracking the progress of the lesson
  • Analysis of financial data and fees
  • Fast communication
  • Staff records monitoring

Key Features for Teachers and Staff

  • Information Access through App
  • Communication quickness for respective domain
  • Access to specific modules for domains
  • Analysis of data and reports
  • Leave and attendance management
  • Concerned student details access
  • Activity logs for the classroom
  • Progress management of the lesson
  • Student performance tracking
  • Sharing of learning resources
  • Remote teaching

Important features for students and parents

  • Access to important communications
  • Attendance records
  • Performance records and exam schedules
  • Access to classwork and homework
  • Progress access to lesson plans
  • Online Test options
  • Access to learning resources
  • Online payment and fee records
  • Live class option
  • Remote parent meetings

Apps that are mobile-first and have application features help are what make the preferred school management System in the world. Our extensive research and investments in developing features for the app and the ability to change them is bringing huge satisfaction to our users.