Donation Management system

Donation Management System

When the data of past donors and current supporters as well as prospective donors' information is all in one place and your organisation can think and function strategically.

Donation management software that is ideal for churches or charities as well as non-profit organisations to track donations and management of data. It provides unlimited contributions, unlimited donations, and excellent online donations tools to increase donation collection, offer immediate acknowledgment, keep track of every donation, and produce regular reports to allow you to concentrate on your mission. Control your team, multiple organisations, and seamlessly integrate customised software features according to your requirements.

Key Features of iDonate

  • Campaign management
  • Secure payment processing
  • Donor management and discovery
  • Online Giving
  • Management of gift and pledge matching
  • Grant management
  • Recurring gift
  • Tracking of receipts and contributions

Donor Features

  • Log in using the Donor portal.
  • New donors can sign up through the portal
  • Find charities using particular keywords or an alphabetical listing
  • Click to the link of your organisation, and enter the amount to be donated.
  • A secure payment gateway integrated into the page that can accept all payment types
  • Donors are able to save their donation history in the Donor portal.

What can your company do to help

  • Enhance performance and reduce operating costs
  • Enhance staff efficiency, thereby making it easier to save time and money.
  • You can effectively manage fundraising campaigns and easily solicit donations
  • Make sure you send targeted and customised email messages to volunteers, donors and staff members.
  • Accept online donations safely and securely using the online payment processing system.
  • You can easily create custom reports on events and donations
  • Customise reports on events and donations that can assist you in your planning and reconciliation

Donor management software is used by nonprofits for a variety of reasons. Their primary goals are to increase their reach, helping fundraising efforts, taking part in online fundraising as well as managing donor data, soliciting donations, as well as accepting donations. Donor management software provides nonprofits with complete control over all aspects that involve donating. They also provide better access and insights into the donation process. The advanced features offered by several donor management software are attractive to organisations looking for a single solution that will manage the entire process of donating.

Donor communication Communicating to donors crucial to keep solid donor relationships. There are several ways that users can stay in touch with donors. Certain solutions contain mass messaging..

Donation Management Tools are for those who have worked with spreadsheets and manual data for a long time. The tools can be used to complete the job however they take up plenty of time. It's time that could be better used to advance the cause. It's not like you've never been informed concerning "Donation management" systems. But, the thing is that you don't really need all the features they offer. Prices are astronomical and it takes weeks to set up and understand.

Donation Management Tools is built by a small group of individuals who are engaged in various non-profit organisations. We're devotional leaders, animals, charitable volunteers, people who belong to civic organisations, Community, Trust or any NGO as well as other NGOs.

Donation Management Tools captures donations extremely quickly and easily. It permits you to establish online giving within a matter of minutes. We also make sure that the fees are low as every dollar counts for non-profits. If you want to know who gave what, at what time, how it's very simple to find out. Reports on giving at the end of the year are quick and easy.

It doesn't include anything in the software that's not mission-critical. It's precisely what you require and absolutely nothing more. Everything is simple to understand. There's no complicated installation, and no need for training.