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Swadhin IT Solutions is a company or group of experienced well-trained and experienced SEO experts in Odisha. Our team of SEO experts provides comprehensive SEO solutions for all kinds of business, big or small.

We offer Web design, Web development, Mobile app development, SEO for digital marketing, Search engine optimization and social media optimization and many more.We offer all-inclusive solutions for businesses that are just starting out and want to start making money.

Registering a domain name for your company and creating an online presence that includes your company’s details that will be displayed online and to promote your website to increase the visibility of your brand online and increase brand recognition as well as to increase the organic stream of web traffic.

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Our team has learned from each negative and positive experience , and they’re now one of the Best SEO companies in Odisha. 

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Expertise SEO Team

Our team has a deep knowledge of making customers happy by providing the highest quality work.

Delivery on Time

We are pleased to be able to boast of our satisfied customers. We’re punctual to do what we promise.

Low Costs

We study the market price and offer the most competitive rate to our customers to ensure that their businesses last longer.

Happy Customers

We don’t have to say any more about our glowing reviews. The feedback of our clients who are pleased with our service demonstrates the high quality of our services.

We are the most popular SEO company in  Odisha?


Our objective is to ensure that every one of our clients will benefit from the best search engine marketing services as well as online marketing. Their expectations must be met in every aspect. We consider our clients as an asset. Our programs for optimizing search engines are designed with a focus on outcomes that they’re extremely profitable for investments. Our web-based offerings are designed to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. We always strive to establish strong relationships with our clients and are dedicated to their success.

High-Quality Work

We know the importance of customer service and professional work. Our primary goal with Search engines is to bring high-quality site users to your website. Optimizing search engines is a mix of organic and white hat methods which help us provide the highest quality rating results for your website. Furthermore, you can be sure that you receive “quality” work completed quickly, which means that you will get everything done faster than it will take to start working on the process.

Experienced Team

Are you in need of a professional to position your site in order to get the best ranking on Google? As a well-established , reputable web positioning firm, we are situated in Odisha. We have established a strong reputation for our expertise in website positioning. Our team of experts will ensure you receive the best possible rank in search engines. Our skilled team employs methods that are white-hat, to make sure that your website won’t be negatively affected by any Google alternative.

Affordable Cost

We offer a cost-effective service to optimize your search engine, which is located in Odisha. Tools for marketing on search engines are less costly for small and medium-sized websites. We also provide the possibility of a reseller for online optimization. We provide web optimization Services that will complete the job. This can help you develop SEO-friendly marketing strategies that meet the needs of your clients. Small businesses might benefit from this as they have to manage prices in line with requirements of their business.

To achieve this, search engine optimization should be employed by website developers. You can change from a webpage to the first web page for any particular search engine by the help of a few fundamental optimization tips. It is essential to have a well-designed, appealing, well-organized, and appealing website to showcase the services and products more efficiently.



Our Web Services

Our Design Process

The quality of our services is guaranteed. Design, development dedication, and service makes us the top website design firm in Bhubaneswar. We can guarantee top quality service throughout the time we have been associated with them. We are proud of our superior quality and services that we've kept our customers since we began.

UX Process

We have our UX as well as UI team collaborate closely, before the end design completed paying attention to all aesthetics such as user interface design, and the ux design.

UI Design

A prototype is created to study the different elements of the product. The page layout color codes graphic designs, themes, images, and themes are all integrated into the layout.


Every functional aspect is implemented with all visual elements that give the final appearance to make it suitable for sale.


We know the problems of users and we conduct research in all aspects of users like their behavior, needs psychological, demographic and geographic features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I use an ecommerce solution on my site?
We have Secure Workers (SSL) which use the most up-to-date encryption techniques to ensure that your customers are able to purchase on your site knowing that the information they input is safe and secure. If you require your customers' payments to be "cleared via the internet," we can interface with PayPal, Authorize.NET, LinkPoint or any other external parties. Peruse more information about the internet's business web architecture advantages here.
2 How can you tell the difference between static and dynamic websites?
Static Web pages always appear identical , but the content rarely alters. If you want to make an enhancement, you must create your page yourself or request a Web architect to design this for you. The newly constructed page and any photos will then be sent to the Web designers. These dynamic pages are the reverse of static pages. They can be modified each time they are placed. They may even alter their structure depending on what your website's visitors do. The dynamic page could be designed to react to information entered by the visitor to your site. They typically keep and retrieve data from a secret information base. Dynamic sites can cut down on ongoing support costs in the event that you do not want to alter your own settings using an online page administrator. They generally cost more to design, because they require more complex code. A substance the board's utility is also required to aid you in dealing with your website. A lot of customers use a mixture of static and dynamic elements within their websites. For instance, they could use dynamic pages for inventory of items that require changing information or images regularly.
3What is the Web development process operating?
The process of building a site is similar to building a home. There are various, all related stages. This is how our website advancement measure functions by revealing. What are the media and sources you currently have to build your brand new website? What's missing and should be put together or made? Plan. At this stage, we create the outline,(a sketch) for your brand new website to help you visualize what it's going to look like before it is actually created. This is the time to make changes or changes to your website's plans. Create. The work is done. The next step is to use the outline of the previous step and design and code your website.
4 What exactly is a CMS (Content Management System)?
CMS allows you to add, remove or modify content on your site. CMS lets you add the ability to remove, edit or delete content on your website without the need for specialized or high-end preparation. WordPress is an example of CMS.
5How do I maintain and update my website after it has launched?
There are two fundamental ways to update your site following it's launch. If you're educated You can update and add fresh content on your own. There are a lot of WordPress instructional videos and tutorials online. You can find someone to recruit. If you do not have the time or desire to maintain and update your website, you could employ an expert to complete this task for you. This is a service we provide to our clients after we have delivered their website.
6How long will it spend on developing a website?
It is contingent on the type of website that is to be created. For static websites, we will take seven working days after the submission of all pertinent information to us. When it comes to dynamic websites, it is totally dependent on the details you provide us on the features you want. For eCommerce websites too, it's not simple to estimate the period of time until you have a full-length content because it has a lot of categories and items.
1 Does anyone know a reliable way to tell if my website needs an overhaul of my website?"
There's a very detailed blog post entitled, "How To Decide When it's time for a Website Redesign" that can aid you in addressing the question. The blog post also includes an exhaustive checklist for a Website Redesign checklist to help in the process of assessing and scoring your website.
2How do I allow credit cards to be accepted on my site?
There are two ways to recognize credit cards. The first is to use your own machine to process the card and make the payment yourself. The second option is to use an online freedom company. You can organize your website according to your preferences once you've decided the method you want to use.
3 When should I make changes to my website's information?
If the website we've designed provides you with a feature of the executive framework (CMS) then at this point, you are able to access your management areas. It is possible to refresh the site quickly and as frequently as you'd like. If your website is smaller and not designed with the use of a CMS or CMS, you can update the HTML pages by yourself.
4Why is it so crucial to have a well-designed web site?
Two words: legitimacy and trust. If you require associates and customers to be attentive to your business, you require an advanced, efficient website. Additionally, should you find that you're required to employ any type of digital publicizing or marketing to grow your business through the internet, you'll need to have a good website.
5What exactly is WordPress?
Take into consideration WordPress as the "working foundation" of your website similar to the workstation PC runs Windows and an iPhone uses iOS. WordPress is the platform that we utilize to create websites. It's used on a large variety of sites across the globe.
6We can make changes in the future?
Of course you can. If you are during the maintenance timeframe, then we'll make the required modifications. Post that we'll give access to our website and transfer it to you so that you can take whatever action you wish.

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