Matrimony Website Development

Matrimony Website Development in Bhubaneswar

Matrimonial websites or portals are a variation of the standard dating websites.  Matrimonial portals are famous in India and among non-residential Indians, as an alternative to the traditional marriage broker. These websites register users, after which they are able to upload their profile onto a search database maintained by the website. Those users seeking a life partner can browse the database with customized searches that typically include age, gender, nationality, availability of photographs and often religion, geographic location, age, profession, qualification, caste, community etc. (mainly for web portals based in India). Swadhin IT Solutions is among the best Matrimony Website Development in Bhubaneswar, for companies looking to own their own Matrimonial Portal/Website or marriage bureau software.

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We have a team of top designers and developers who are in the process of developing new portals, websites & software packages like marriage bureau management software for our clients inside and outside Bhubaneswar like marriage bureau, wedding franchises, matchmaking service providers etc to craft their responsive websites and to make it in the highest search position. Our services are matrimonial web hosting, registration, design, development, maintenance & support. You can buy our matrimonial portal/software setup & ready made script online.

Matrimony Website Development in Bhubaneswar

Matrimony Website Development

Swadhin IT Solutions offers a range of innovative and highly functional Matrimonial websites and portals that make the process of matchmaking easy and user-friendly. We offer matrimonial solutions agencies a perfect online engine so that they can start their online matrimony and matchmaking business within a fortnight. Our matrimonial website development-even offers advanced tools and integrated administrative software solutions to enable webmasters having full administrative control.

Matrimonial Website Features

  • Design having a suitable color combination for the matrimonial website with an animated banner.
  • Web pages – Home, About, Services, Events, FAQ, Contact, Sitemap, Terms, and conditions.
  • Online registration (paid or free) – Email notification to Admin.
  • Search – based on 1st/2nd marriage, height, annual income, complexion etc.
  • Unpaid members can search profiles but with limited access, they won’t be able to see the contact details of profiles.
  • No restriction of a number of profiles, photos etc.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete/de-activate profiles.
  • Interface for Admin to add/edit/delete contents, pictures.
  • FB page integration.
  • Basic SEO – adding keywords, meta-tags, website submission to all search engines.
  • Website hits analyzer – Google Analytics
  • Local business listing


  • Profile Management – It will also allow a registered user to post content about himself/herself. Neatly designed and user-friendly forms will likewise allow the registered user to edit his/her profile.
  • Express interest
  • Refer a friend
  • Send the message with email notification.
  • Registration form: The various sections of profiles may have the following details :
    • Personal as well as Contact details
    • Not only work but also Career details
    • Location details
    • Physical details
    • Religious details
    • Community details
    • Family details
    • Photographs as well as other Documents
    • Horoscope etc.
    • Physically/Mentally challenged.


  • Not only Add, Edit but also Delete Member Profiles
  • Member Conversion – Free to Paid membership
  • Automated Emails will be sent to the User as well as ADMIN on registration.
  • Membership Approval
  • Change Admin Password


  • Free as well as Paid Members Report
  • Also Membership expiry date report etc.


  • Connection to the payment gateway for credit card as well as debit card payment.
  • Development of a customized Shopping cart and also automatic calculations of taxes etc.
  • On purchase, automatic Email notification to end user as well as admin.


We can provide web hosting services as well, so you don’t need to worry about booking domain name, hosting server, bandwidth, email ids etc.

The exclusive and user-friendly matrimonial scripts are certainly developed by a core group of web development and designing professionals using advanced programming languages including PHP and .Net. Our matrimonial applications are also developed using PHP, .Net RDBMS, SQL, MySQL, Advance XML and DHTML. Popular as an accomplished website development company India, we also build solutions easy-to-use, robust online matrimonial applications for our clients. Our matrimonial solutions administrative components offer not only useful control but also flexibility to users and administrators.

Advanced Compatibility Matching Algorithm

Utilize a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes multiple dimensions of personality, preferences, and astrological data to suggest highly compatible matches. This scientific approach to matchmaking ensures a higher likelihood of lasting relationships, providing users with a deeply personalized experience.

Enhanced Privacy and Verification Processes

Implement top-tier privacy controls and a rigorous verification process to ensure the safety and authenticity of profiles. This includes manual verification of user information and secure browsing options, giving users peace of mind and fostering a trustworthy community.

Customizable Search Filters with AI Recommendations

Offer advanced search capabilities allowing users to filter potential matches based on detailed criteria, such as lifestyle choices, hobbies, education, and more. Integrate AI to learn from user preferences and behavior, recommending matches that align with their past search patterns and interactions, enhancing the user experience with personalized suggestions.

Community and Counseling Support

Establish a supportive community platform offering relationship advice, counseling services, and engagement stories from successful matches. This feature not only aids users in their journey towards finding a partner but also builds a supportive network, encouraging interaction and engagement on the website.