Medicine Software Development

Medicine Software Development in Bhubaneswar

Medicine store is a business which requires management software to avoid many of its tedious manual work. So now we simplify your business by designing a database management system. There is a need for a software management system to avoid the tedious tasks of manual work in the process of managing a medicine store. There are different types of medicine for ex. Allopathic, Ayurvedic and various alternative medicine and within a type of medicine there is a different section for ex. Dental medicines, eye medicine etc. this makes the whole process to manage the inventory really complex.

We have chosen the task of simplifying your business by designing a database management system which will not only provide you with an opportunity to manage different types of medicine but also different sections within one type of medicine. Medicine software is a one-stop solution for billing, Inventory management, and accounting needs. Our cost-effective software helps to manage fast billing using barcode scanner supported POS system, GST supported billing software. Also, our Software is available for Pharma warehouse and retail business.


It’s where you take money from the customer in exchange for goods. The main function of your PMS is to automate the sales process and keep a detailed history of all transactions.

Inventory Control

The second most important function of PMS software is also to keep track of your inventory. Inventory control means knowing how much inventory you have and how much you need to buy at any given time.


The master is where you will manage your entire repository about merchandising, distributor, hospital, doctor as well as employee information centrally to handle pharmacy operations more efficiently.


CRM stands for Customer-Relations-Management, it’s how you keep track of customers. Our PMS will also help you store a list of customers, Track their purchase history for repeat sales as well as to conduct product promotions.


Comprehensive easy to use accounting module with strong accounting control features. The module not only improves inventory but also purchasing process, trails accountability and eliminates duplication of entries.


As a medicine business, the standard and customized reports will certainly enable you to trace all activities hitherto with real time& historical data at your fingertips. This also helps you analyze your operation in just one click.

The best Medicine software solution for customer-wise product mapping, purchase rate discrepancy summary, supplier & manufacturer-wise expiry reports help manage your pharmacy as well as healthcare business. Set re-order alerts, get info on generic names & substitute for products, clear visibility on non-moving stocks. As we also provide the best Medicine Software Development in Bhubaneswar,  We offer medical billing software for pharmacy and medical shop. Call us for more details.