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News Portal Website Development Company in Bhubaneswar


News Portal is most often one specially designed website that brings news together from different sources. No matter, you are a journalist, a popular newspaper company or channel, a News Portal is the only thing that helps you to reach your audience by utilizing the latest technologies. IT industry has reached new heights in the digital world. You can obtain any news from anywhere and any time of the day with the help of these portals.

News portal is not a cake walk activity as it has to be different from other commercial web portals as here the main aim is to grasp the attention of the public and thereafter transmit the current information and current affairs. News has become part and parcel of everybody’s life. In fact, many of us start our day with the newspaper. That is we love to sip in tea or coffee with the newspaper in our hand. But as technology has undergone change, access to the newspaper has also changed.

News Portal Website Development Company in Bhubaneswar

Newspapers have become digital. Today many are happy reading newspaper through the internet. Swadhin IT Solutions is the renowned company in Bhubaneswar that has state of art knowledge and fruitful experience in developing and launching alluring and eye catchy news portal websites. Our Company has assiduous software personnel who build elegant news portal in tandem with the needs of the reader. This software personnel leaves no stones unturned to offer innovative and modern look news portal that generate interest and trust in the minds of the readers who would like to visit the page again and again.

News has to be interesting and also trustful. Our Company sees to it that the site is designed in such a manner with all the vital templates that make the site look lively and the news interesting. Online communication has been the most sought of a medium of communication for people to exchange news, ideas, chats all across the globe. But such news portals face challenges for displaying good and authentic content in the form of news from all across the world.

We very well understand that the news portal is one of the media to reach current information and technology. Our designers’ design to make a site that is flexible and easy to navigate. We architect elegant news portal with the main intention to allure a mammoth number of web visitors.

News Portal Website Development Company in Bhubaneswar

Swadhin IT Solutions takes pride in coming out with user-friendly news portal that provides appealing and efficient news portal development services. Our news portal development enables us to publish publications, press releases, columns, articles, blogs and other news related content from all across the globe. SITS’s software professionals create and develop an innovative website, bespoke and modern style portals with the advanced content management system. Our user-friendly website designs will enable the potential readers to navigate through the site easily, fast loading and also they will enable to get the gist of the news at the glance. We are well versed in providing sections of local and international news, lifestyle entertainment, jobs, and information about education, business, science and technology, and all other aspects that are exclusively required for news portal development.

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If you are looking for the right company to do this task, so, Swadhin IT Solutions is the name you need to remember. As a leading News Portal Development Company in Bhubaneswar, we have the finest solution for you that meet your specific need and can easily fit into your budget. We are a team of passionate developers, who have a thirst to tailor different websites as per the need of the client. We understand that a news portal is a platform that allowed you to publish news, press release, reports, and other content.

For a publisher, it is very easy to upload and edit on these news portals. You can even add links, images, and videos to it. It also gives you the option to publish your most recent stories with an RSS feed. We provide our clients with a dynamic front page and section page publication presentation control. Before you take professional News Portal Development Service in Bhubaneswar should know some of its benefits.

Our News Portal Comprises Of Below-Mentioned Features:

  • Customized news portal development
  • An integrated Content management system
  • Breaking News in the slider
  • Great interface
  • Robust maintenance and support system
  • Featured news with the help of widgets
  • News by the city, state, country
  • News by different categories as per the preference
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Images and video posts
  • News highlight
  • Easy managing administration panel features:
    1. Blog, forum, press release, as well as article manager
    2. Homepage content builder
    3. Banners or ads
  • Latest news updates
  • Polls
  • Multi-language support
  • Search options for video, audio, image, blog, forums, polls as well as email subscription etc.
  • User registration for discussion, blog, and articles

Our News Portal Development Services make your work easier than ever before. Likewise, it gives you the exact result as you are actually looking for. We provide 24*7*365 days of support to our clients. So, you don’t need to go anywhere else. It’s because Swadhin IT Solutions a trusted News Portal Development Company in Bhubaneswar is right behind you to help. Our news-based web applications have ease of administration, real-time changes, easy customization of images as well as chat rooms along with many added features as per business requirements.

We develop a news website with multimedia features so that the news would appear more real and authentic.
Our state of art services also has a unique blend of the latest. We certainly use modern technology tools like the LAMP, XHTML, CSS, JAVA Script, jQuery etc. By being ahead of technology in every front we serve a spectrum of exciting news portal development in your platter.

Real-time News Updates with Advanced AI Integration

Incorporating AI to curate and deliver news in real-time can be a significant USP. This feature ensures that the news portal provides the latest news as it happens, using advanced algorithms to aggregate content from various sources, filter out fake news, and even personalize content for individual users based on their reading habits and preferences.

Interactive and Immersive Content

Offering interactive and immersive content such as 360-degree videos, interactive infographics, and augmented reality experiences can significantly enhance user engagement. This approach transforms passive news consumption into an interactive experience, allowing readers to explore stories more deeply.

Comprehensive Multilingual Support

Providing content in multiple languages can broaden the audience base, catering not only to native speakers but also to those seeking news in other languages. This feature is particularly appealing in multilingual regions or for portals with a global audience, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all readers.

Robust Community Features with User-Generated Content

Integrating community features where readers can contribute news stories, opinions, or participate in discussions can create a sense of belonging and loyalty. This USP encourages active participation, turning readers into contributors and fostering a vibrant community around the news portal. Implementing moderation tools and quality controls is essential to maintain the credibility and quality of the content.